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  1. pig..... pig.....zzzzz

  2. bye guys.. me gg home and hahaha
  3. His original paint work ..... paul, i think u being stalked
  4. kns.,. y all gt high paid job !! i wan to quit !!!!!!!!!!!! after my Company Beijing trip lst
  5. craps lo.. i koe him 2 years ago liao le... think dat time, he ride the cbr400....
  6. kopi lim liao.. but nothg to eat... hungry le.. paul: u so free, still wrking in the same place?
  7. go tian lai eat lo.. nice chilli crabs :yummy: got 3 crabs sold for $18 nia in whampoo in SG .. keen ? hahahaah
  8. i wan to eat pizza ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ anyone wan to eat crabs ???
  9. yummy ¬¬¬ i wan luncheon meat wif bread ......
  10. I m busy lo... gg to lim kopi liao...
  11. they will appear when the time is ripe... here not so crowded as Iron horse le... a few strayed cats .....
  12. cos gt seen ur nick appear in s4 thread b4 ma... U MIA , then appear... even iron horse thread, u also go in and chat ... hahaha ! duh ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬
  13. now u v free wor.. @ wrk.... summerlove la... u as blur as b4 .... anyway, dun blame u , chg nick liao.. gt contact mark and gang ? now u joined amk s4 thread liao le... hahahahaah
  14. hahaha.. u r indeed newbie in this thread but not newbie to me le... casiolover... Paul ... hahahahaahah... chg super 4 liao la.... good...
  15. u jia lak le... , ask u dun think of her too much liao... u sick cat !
  16. Hahahah... errr. back frm lunch freaking hot outside
  17. knn.. 40% make me feel should i go for SIM instead of ACCA.. but my determination make me realise i shd opt for tougher tasks like ACCA! all should learn from me , not go for cheaper stuffs
  18. Nice pictures taken ... seem a crowd wor.. so happening !!!
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