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  1. I saw a Malay girl with the height 145cm ~ 150cm during my Practical 2, she's having a really hard time as she's has to Tiptoe in-ordered to Touch the Ground. She dropped her bike multiplier times as she's riding on the Normal type (Black Seat). However I believe she has gotten her license already as she doesn't looks like the type that will give up easily. 155cm shouldn't be an issue. They have bike with two different type of seat, one normal type (Black Seat) and a few settled lower for shorter rider (Red Seat). If you have the interests & passion to ride, don't hesitate just
  2. I'm more shock to see you digging up a thread posted on 2013. And I'm replying to you when you posted on 2017 KAWA ~ KAWA ~ KAWA ~ :cheer:
  3. Since your NS is around Jun ~ Oct... I would rather you wait until you ORD or if you're lucky to be posted into a Stay-out unit. Think of it this way, you are paying thousand over dollars yearly on a mobile phone plan and you don't even get to enjoy it. $4k~ $5k can only last you for the first year, you will not be able to afford the 2nd annual insurance (Base on your age) It's more of a burden if you ask me. Not to mention when you book out, the bike will most likely be giving you tons of problems. The first problem you will encounter is to startup the bike. For motorcycle we need t
  4. 1. There's no fastest centre, it's all depends on how smooth you ride and the instructor mood. I gotten my license last month. I taken me 1 year 1month to complete due to work commitment, waiting for available booking and taking my own sweet time. If you go for lessons every week, it will takes you 6 ~ 9 months. 2. There's a Thread on Class 2B 3. Theory is easy, just go for the Trial Test (System will force you to go before booking the actual test) R15 v3? Nice choice, enjoy once you get your license. As for now my advise would be: Do not rush yourself, relaxes, enjoy the rid
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm not riding SP, riding Krr instead. SP and KRR looks like brothers Am I welcome to join the group ride?
  6. Been Riding for a month now... I'm glad I survived... It appears some drivers are stupid to mess with P-plate riders. The P-plate shows that there's a huge chance of this driver or rider making mistakes, why on earth would you want to tail-gate them sia... Everything the SSDC Instructors taught me has been very useful especially the golden rule, as it appears the right of way doesn't goes for us riders. Vehicles happy happy signal and cut into our lane without any concerns. However for checking back before moving off and whether to lane-split or not to is still a doubt to me. The
  7. "30km/l with rpm not more than 5k.." Not bored?
  8. Thanks bro, I'm not really a discipline person but a weirdo. Since I'm planning to get a Full Face Helmet so I didn't purchase a motorcycle helmet until I passed my TP, use the School Helmet all the way. I stay in Yishun
  9. No worries, your experience has been useful. Might need you to bring to JB someday You very brave leh... Ride to Malaysia alone. I heard from friends, Malaysian loves to steal KRR ZX150 or whatever sports bike.
  10. Go for it! It's a great beginner bike. The bike handling is great, Stable at high speed and the pick-up speed of this bike is awesome. One of the fastest bike in CAT 2B without modification. (Gonna Control your throttle unless you planning on get a Speeding Ticket) My friend who told me to get this bike didn't get a 2A Bike, he was riding KRR for few years and jump straight to Class 2 Bike. Most importantly: The bike is very loud, YES I mean VERY LOUD. (Isn't that awesome?)
  11. Gotten my License last month. Been riding for a month now. After purchasing the bike I haven go for any servicing yet. FC: 23km/L, Rpm 6-7k
  12. Latest Update: Problem Fixed, Bulb Spoil.
  13. Hi Everyone, is this thread still alive? I gotten a KRR ZX150 one weeks back, no license yet so laid-up put inside carpark. I warm it up every 2 days for 5 ~ 10mins, but yesterday my low beam doesn't seem to lightup but my high beam still works. Has anyone encountered this before?
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