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  1. bikeworkz is located at shunli industrial park, kaki bukit. along the row behind sanfu. $120 if less than 5 shims are replaced. anything more its $9 per shim. i believe u need to leave ur bike there for a day.
  2. $120 at Bikeworkz. if need to replace less than 5 shims, it will be foc. more than 5 shims, per piece is $9.
  3. yea 6plus going 7pm... recognize by ur seat pattern and 2bro sticker. haha. i came after u and left after you.. parked a few bikes beside you..
  4. yo fufu saw ur bike at pasir ris just now..
  5. bikeworkz will be opened on wednesday if im not wrong..
  6. natgw

    Yamaha YZF-R6

    ur number plate fuking small. haha.
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