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  1. Hahaha that is sadz.... Used to be bustling here....
  2. Selling an almost new Kappa Top Box 46L with a solid upgraded Base Plate. Used for less than 3 weeks. Brought at $150. Asking $100 neg.... Deal at Yishun or to my discretion. Delivery can be arranged at an nominal fee. Call or SMS Steven @ 96284016 for more information
  3. Hihi all.... Just gotten a FZ6S... Cheers
  4. Hi & good day to all... Clearing out some trial products as bringing in new inventory... All brand new & unused & of course in working condition. List as follow...!!! 1) Throttle-Lac AKA Cramp Buster etc etc Simple & efficient. Those who know it will know what benefits it have... I got 5 black 1 red. Selling at $4 each 2) Tires Worms Only AKA 'Sotong Chiu' For repairing of punctures. I got 8 sets to clear Selling at $4 each3) Metal Skull Screws Can be used in a few applications. License plates, Windscreen, etc etc Solid built made of metal. Come with a
  5. Bro,i interested to buy your rim..but possible to book by wednesday i collect and pay..$58 for both front/rear full rim,rite?

    If possible tis is My Number 92221169 sms or call..i leave In easy area.

  6. Hi mate, your inbox is full....

    my sincere apologises for the delay as my partner could be caught up in his stuff...

    Kindly let me know your requirements ...

    Contatc me for more info...





  7. hmm serious... think almost all intergrated tail light like tat...? since tis is Clear Alternatives ... most impt u like it or...?
  8. hmm.... any bird converted to naked wersion b4...? Any pros & cons...? thinking of converting ...lol will be using 2 headlamps & etc...
  9. Sound gd mate... but alas i will be bck on sun morning...boring liao lol
  10. Thanks alot mate... I here to convert skeptic to true believer...!!! Do update me on the result when u did the test mate!!! Unleashed the hidden power in your ride!!! Cheers Regards Steven MB
  11. Selling my nintendo Wii set ... click on thread for more info... Bird riders get priorty & best prices...lol Cheers!!! http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/327361-Wii-Set-(with-box-amp-packaging)-amp-Wii-Accessories-Pega-(with-box-amp-packaging)-amp-Games?p=7175530#post7175530 SOLD...!!!
  12. mayb some bird have no main stand within us...lol
  13. tat nearby... where & time mate...?
  14. wow the JB one sound gd...lol u have a pm...
  15. noted mate... will get to u again if i lost...555 tat time a gsr did a fake 1 at SKMW cost abt $60 a piece so it $120 lah.. if other shop doing must be at least $10-$15 cheaper if nt I rather go SKMW liao... LV silicener is cheaper & easier to make than stupid Scorpion
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