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  1. May i know if this is still available ? How much is it as of now?
  2. For slope, I feel that you just have to throttle to the right amount and maintain your clutch, you will be fine. When I started out I throttle a lot but I got minus points for it during Prac 4. So all I can advise you is to try and see whether throttling more or release your clutch a little further works better. As when you are taking TP, you may or may not get the bike that you are used to so ya play around and see what works best for you.
  3. For slope is right left right left. Only 4 motorbike allowed at once. If got car then don’t go up yet. Going upwards is check back inwards then when you go down is just check traffic and check right then move off with blindspot. For E-brake is left right left right. Max only 8 motorbike allowed. If got 8 then wait near the gate but don’t block traffic. Check back inwards before moving off. For the stalling part I not so sure if will minus points but just try to clutch in earlier.
  4. Hi laviz, for lesson 7 you will be spilt into 2 groups either you will be on road or in circuit first. For circuit, it is the same as Prac 4 just that you will be given time to do 1 round of practice before the tester will gather you guys and proceed for the test. There will usually be only 1 instructor doing the test so when you move off from the starting point he will only be standing at the fig 8 there to see you go up the slope and etc. Then he will proceed to wave you off for the fig 8 after you exit, you will go to crank course but then you will have to wait for him to walk over. Itâ
  5. I took it 4 times. You just have to not give up and just keep trying. Go for circuit revision if you think you are still weak at certain areas. Just remember to keep turning your head for blind spots too.
  6. Ya hahaha I student so a lot of free time. But sometimes is like lucky then 1 day can get 2 slots
  7. Rice

    Honda adv 150

    Hi, am planning to get this as my first bike after passing. Any opinions or suggestions?
  8. I do use rear brake in fig 8 if I feel that I going to fast. I usually only increase throttle at the center when I am going straight then I will "bank" with the bike so that I don't end up striking the curb on the curve after that. On how I "end" my fig 8 I usually check for traffic even before I enter to take note on whether I need to prepare to stop later on. I also check when I am the last turn as when I turn the "left" signal on, I will take note of the traffic coming from the right and decide. If there is traffic, I will still slow down a bit and only break and clutch in when I am very ne
  9. I had the same problem too but after using it a few more times and going for revision it got better. I find that this bike is better on road compared to the older one. I stalled a few times at fig 8 and crank too but all I can say is practice more and try to go in at a slower speed just maintain at the speed where it won’t stall. Don’t rush and keep calm. If you try and still cannot then maybe you can ask the instructors for tips and whether you should change to MSX.
  10. Thanks! All the best for your lessons ahead
  11. I started practical 1 on 19/8 and finally cleared practical 7 on 22/10. Hahaha I did take a 1 week break in between. Anyways All the best for your upcoming lesson. Just remember to listen closely to what the Instructors wants and mostly likely you will be able to clear the lesson
  12. It depends on the lesson and how you go around booking the lesson. For my case I always have around 2-3 lesson per week. You could wait and not book first as sometimes people will sell their lesson last min. But then you may somewhat loose the earliest slot as you haven’t book anything. For my case I usually buy the earliest slot and then I will cancel them to allow me to see the next available earliest slot since sometimes people “try sell” their slot. It will only work on lessons that are 72 hours away to cancel immediately other than that it’s the trysell button. But then if there a
  13. Anyone cleared Prac 7 already? Need tips on road riding especially when the instructor just riding next to you. Update: Nvm cleared it already hahaha
  14. Hi. May i know if the riding theory lesson must be attended accordingly. Like lesson 1,2,3 then 4 or can i just go like 3,4,1 then 2? I know it may sound very stupid but i just want to know hahaha
  15. Hi. May i know if the riding theory lesson must be attended accordingly. Like lesson 1,2,3 then 4 or can i just go like 3,4,1 then 2? I know it may sound very stupid but i just want to know hahaha
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