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  1. Assuming that he bought a class 2 bike since he said he's already been with them for 6 years, i wouldn't consider riding up to Thailand as thrashing the bike. Even a properly maintained 400cc will be able to reach Thailand.
  2. alternatively can get the flip-up levers... but i think even if drop the lever sure scratch... then u will still feel like changing
  3. how much would a clutch lever cost? my bike was knocked down by someone today and the lever broke thankfully the sliders did their job
  4. wah... everyone selling off their gsr already
  5. wah... free chickens sure many ppl turn up... lol btw is ur windshield still for sale?
  6. heh... i'm no where near your level of expertise it was pretty easy to install... didn't even need to cut any of the bike's original wires
  7. hey EJ... i managed to get it fixed thanks for offering to help anyway
  8. hougang just taught me a method to connect the signal light to the alarm. seems quite easy but i need to go home and try it out first i'll let u know if it works
  9. Day: 15 Feb 2008 Time: 2100 Place: KKFC Agenda: Simple meetup for Acesiew's last GSR ride will see if there is any other activity after that drinks provided..... with some snacks.. come early to get a seat..... see you guys... Interested parties: 1. Acesiew 2. dickchingus 3. skateboy (pending) 4. GSR^00^ (pending) but will try e best to come 5. Just_Rider(will join u guys after "pai nian") around 2300~... 6. Murinus
  10. would look better if the engine was black rather than silver
  11. because there are so many traffic lights here... so why bother lifting that right leg when its going to come down again in another 5-10 seconds? j/k
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