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  1. Thars a great idea! I'll ziplock my hp and wallet then carry them on the pouch. thanks Stealth!
  2. Thank you for your encouragement!
  3. Haha! I meant if I fall off the bike and landed on the floor, im afraid i would fall on my hp and crack it. Thanks anw! I'll see if it is feasible.
  4. I was thinking of keeping my hp and wallet with me but i worry if i fall, my phone will crack. i dont usually have other valuables with me.
  5. Thanks Ninja for the tip to open the throttle slightly and your encouragement! I booked 2x lesson 1 on 25th, hopefully i'll be able to clear it!
  6. Oh ya! Also, do you guys usually rent the locker or leave your bags at the gathering area?
  7. I think i will be too excited to sleep too. counting down already. But i dont know how to ride. Have not ridden a bike before so damn scared of the clutch and changing of gears. Any tips?
  8. Hello! My first attempt at Lesson 1 next week on 25th May 2017. Any tips? I have never ridden a bike before, quite scared of the clutch and gear changing. Also, if there were 5people in the bang tire section and 1 or 2 can already manage the bike well, can they join the rest in the mini circuit or do they need to wait for all 5 to be ready in order to move off together?
  9. Please share your take on CB190R vs CB190X! Much appreciated.
  10. Hello, mind sharing how much you paid for CB190X? And how does it fare against CB190R?
  11. Thank you, skateboy for your valuable input! I guess i will go with Honda then!
  12. Thanks Youngthug! Which phase are you at with CDC now? This 2B takes alot of patience..
  13. Hi all, newbie here. I'm deciding between the 3 bikes below. Basically gonna use for commuting between point A to point B Please tell me your opinions and feedbacks on several factors.. - Honda CB190R - Yamaha FZ16 v2 (FZN150i) - Bajaj Pulsar 200NS 1) Availability of accessories (crash bars, body kit, etc) 2) Repair and maintenance cost (spare parts) 3) Build quality and comfort 4) Top speed without the engine going cranky (cruising) 5) Any other factors you will consider when choosing a bike? Appreciate your kind input! This will be my first bike.
  14. Hi, I saw an old thread and you mentioned there's a shop in Bangkok, Thailand that sells RS Taichi products really cheap. And this shop is something like Motoworld that we have in Singapore. And the add is:




    169/84 Ratchadapisek Rd

    Din Daeng Bangkok Thailand 10320


    Is it still there? Any more details that I should know of?

  15. Hello everybody! I just enrolled myself for class 2B today at CDC. taking theory class on 29 and 30th April. Any idea if I can book my BTT before clearing the classes? Also, any new learners here?
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