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  1. Hehehe I'm in SSDC for 2b! You made a right choice in enrolling for 2b! The school doesn't matter hehehe! Have fun and never give up!
  2. Hello everyone! How much did you spend in total to obtain a class 2b? So far I just finished lesson 6 and the amount spend is about $970 +.
  3. Congratulation! woah that is fast! ^.^
  4. Congratulation! ^.^ when is your TP?
  5. Hey Bikeninja, is there anything I should take note of? My L3(2) is tmr, I wanna clear in one shot. Lazy to keep going to ssdc
  6. Hi, I'm currently taking my class 2b. My engine stall when I'm doing E-brake. Should I clutch in the same time as I'm doing my final brake?
  7. How do I delete this thread since I saw someone who has posted a similar one?
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