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  1. Hi, how is this bike compare to gilera? Was riding 1 previously and now thinking of getting a scooter to run errands
  2. Nice little bike indeed.... but if too many on the road it'll be annoying like super 4 LOL......
  3. Nice 10yr old bike with those practical upgrade, hardly will go wrong with Honda:smile:
  4. Very original.... except the mirrors
  5. I prefer to use bike everyday due to better time management. Will consider going public unless the working place is near or at areas and roads where there are always lots of heavy vehicles.
  6. Ride to work bah..... Unless you're travelling daily along 'dangerous' road like heavy industry area where lots of containers or cement truck usually commute.
  7. All info on One motoring with form to download for submission. number retention is $1300 for a year. $1200 to be refund if you choose to register onto new bike and forfeited if transferred to pre owned bike. Should be liddat.
  8. Nice number... together with bike or separate sales?
  9. Hi, anyone encounter the famous ticking noise of STR? Mine's a 2014 and its pretty loud.
  10. Should be a good deal you've gotten.
  11. Are you letting go too? Do inform me if you're de-kitting, thank you.
  12. Test market & think of changing to the new 765RS .... New STR looks real good or maybe Bobber for a change as its more stylo lol.....
  13. How's your bike bro? Must be racking up some crazy mileage
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