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  1. From enrolment to obtaining Class 2 B, there are many factors to determine the duration. Some factors within the learner's control, some within the school's control and also factors not within the school or the learner's control de. For me, I got my 2b in 2017 within 3 mths which I thought was already damn fast (i reported to SSDC at least 3-5 times a week for various lessons and/or RRs/CRs.
  2. For U-turn, you can practise efficiently at the Exit of the Pylon Slalom course then head back towards the Plank course entrance, and U-turn Back in again. Doing so, you practise Plank, Pylon Slalom and 2x Uturns at once go. I must have done it at least a hundred times already when I was clearing my 2B.
  3. Congrats!!! What bike u gonna get?
  4. Only can book online. The self-service kiosks are closed already.
  5. I think u need to pay the registration fees again...
  6. For a beginner 2B, would recommend the following bikes: 1. Honda Fight Hawk/Tourism (Looks real cool, surprised how big it looks) 2. KTM Duke 200 (Going cheap now, OTR 3. Honda Exmotion 150 (Cool looking Cafe Racer, cheap too) Parts should be readily available for all 3 bikes, but KTM maybe slightly higher in maintenance(still worth it, for the bad boy braaaaaaap thrill!)
  7. Hi Layman biker, Would recommend you to focus on getting the 2B license first, before looking at purchasing your first bike. Reason being is that the journey to obtain the 2B license is long and arduous,you might lose interest over time or decide that biking is not your cup of tea....
  8. Wow, you are a natural rider being able to pass almost all stages in one go ! for your riding test!
  9. Congrats on passing, I'm sure you are supper happy! My first bike was a KTM Duke 200 and I loved every moment of it. You might want to rent a ktm for a week or so to decide if you really like it or not. I rented a KTM Duke 200 for 1 mth immediately after I got my license. At first , I almost regretted it as I thought I could not handle its awesomeness and accelerations. But after a week, I realised it was the best 2b bike that moeny can buy. At red light, it can beat at cubs or even 2A bikes with ease.
  10. Very cheem sia, totally don't get what u talking about. So your new question is that assuming you already got a TP test date, and u went to take the test and subsequently failed it, how long do you have to wait for the re-test date is it? If so, the school's website also got state the re-test dates, which is http://www.letmegooglethat.com/?q=ssdc+test+dates
  11. Good luck to all learner riders, hang in there!
  12. Good luck to all learner riders, hang in there!
  13. Hi!!!!!


    Didnt see your message earlier. How's it going??


    Have u got your TP date?

  14. Since late 2018, all PDL can apply online (no need go down driving centre woohoo!), and valid for 2 years instead of 6 mths
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