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  1. ok. no problem. only problem is Ben might not 'see' this posting
  2. how about sms the time, wait too many people scare not enought!!!
  3. no wonder encik pat nowaday don't organise paint ball trip. wait come back blue-black
  4. delay your enlistment till nov then. can go for more trip plus ipad.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Seastorm My friends went there on a sat evening, last year. Place was filled with malays soaking their feet in the hot spring. Water looked murky. so u still interested? But heard they have a big screen TV showing EPL wah murky water. maybe go but also soak leg like them. anyway the fun is also to ride there to see see .
  6. can also put 2 cigar pipe as deco ontop of yr bike
  7. want to go recce a bit or not. was told there is a hot spring in Sungkai (after KL but before Cameron). thought of trying as they have facilities for tourist. but not next week.
  8. i got a scooter with underseat compartment with the engine below it...so everytime ta pao come back thing still hot hot one
  9. welcome, welcome, please feel free to join us on the day trip
  10. yalo..u always go hiding mah. how about day trip to bt tinggi on 1st mar. lai ley
  11. can ta pao at KL, then go up for picnic leh. put pack food near engine so sure still hot one.
  12. :thumb: nice pic you have there. was just talking to Azman about you at meet up and was told you went solo trip. come back and saw your post of your trip pic. :thumb: is a pleasure to ride with you..alert me if you have any future trip ok
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