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  1. Hi, So the real, real problem was, I did not know my bike well. As i just took over the bike, and when i could not get it running in the morning when i was going to work, i started to panic a little. Conclusion is; it was just cold start. Now that i know my bike better, i have no problem in starting it at all. Lesson learnt: Know your bike well. It is important for maintenance purpose as well as safety. Add on: Tiger is actually quite a good ride. My feeling is; it is like a mini Super4...the feeling compared to Yamaha YBR (125) is really incomparable. Tiger can easily cruise a
  2. Thanks to everyone here for sharing their knowledge/experience! I have resolved my problem; cold engine. Now that I know what's the problem, there is no problem now. Cheers!
  3. Oh thank you so much! Your sharing certainly helps!
  4. Hi seniors, I am riding a Honda Tiger 200cc. It is a 9 year old bike and I quite a noob in motorbikes. Just happened this morning, it was usually difficult to start my Tiger and as usual, I only manage to get it running after about 10 tries. What is different from other days was that it stalled when I would just about 100m out on the road. I thought it ran out of fuel and I top up $10. After starting it again, the same way it died on me and I was nearly ran over by a taxi. Finally, I decided to push it back to my car park since it was less than 100m away. This evening, when I was ba
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