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  1. Email n he'll put up on the site for bidding and then bid from there. Shipping was cheap i remembered so not much difference if co-order la i guess.
  2. Got. Boogie n me did order from him. Jus email him in English n he'll reply. Ive been askin about for so many stuff until he fed up i guess n posted the whole catalog in the site haha
  3. Hong Kong site http://hk.user.auctions.yahoo.com/hk/show/auctions?userID=mattbroadway9668&u=:mattbroadway9668&clf=2 Thai no idea bro
  4. Alamak....now its like overpriced!....Best offer secures then
  5. Hi everyone. I'm selling the bellow handle bars. - Cafe racer style Z bars ordered from overseas. Condition new and unused. Opened to try on bike and removed immediatly cos not suitable. Paid SGD140 for it selling for SGD120. Pic below. - Late model Honda Phantom200 handle bars bought at SGD18 selling for SGD15. New and unused. Both bars 7/8" diameter of course hehe. Contact me at 93808548. Cheers.
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