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  1. oo..thanks for the reply..i tot got problem..got previous tmax i heard got fuel pump problem..i worry our batch also got problem..haha
  2. im also running in..current at 400+ miles, recently i notice something, wonder if u face the same problem. sometime the bike like engine going die off..like for the 0.5s suddenly no power then the power come back, this happen when moving slow.
  3. i also encoounter problem once in awhile..i notice cannot move too near to the side..else hard to detect..luckily i install IU time i requested for longer cable so IU can be taken out if face any problem
  4. if there is no server in asia, i think it will be juz another icon
  5. My bike juz reached shop this evening, pending registration, I have checked with them, sg Tmax and fjr same, came with the mph&kmh meter. Only option go back agent change to pure kmh meter which some ppl did and it's not cheap -.-"
  6. when i google on the new tmax, it seems like there is a version where the meter all is in km/h, i wonder if sg there is 2 version. or only comes in the mph version. [ATTACH=CONFIG]339874[/ATTACH]
  7. ak550, kymco? i used to look around for kymco scooter as the look and spec i find acceptable, but when i heard about the resale value, i fainted. very very very bad
  8. I heard brand Hepco n Becker have the box already. Maybe u can check it out
  9. Hi, so the mileage is in miles not in km? What abt the speedo?
  10. i saw yamaha website for europe they do sell the original rack and box..you can take a look and ask if sg HL has it
  11. McDreamy, i notice you guys mentioned the mileage for FC all in miles, the mileage for the bike is all in miles or can be changed?
  12. Hi vintcs, PM sent.
  13. I'm also interested to find out, i have ordered, currently waiting for bike to arrive shop for collection.
  14. Hi, selling off bike as mentioned, the details as below Lowballers will not be entertained Bike will be sold to shop in 2 weeks Not intend for any trading. Offers will be considered and price is Neg upon viewing. Bike is fully stock & fully paid. Belt, roller, water pump replaced and servicing is done every 3000km Bike is in good condition - buy and ride. Reason for sales upgrading back to class 2. Paper work for transfer I can assist to arrange. Asking $5700 exclude number plate Mileage 38 xxx KM and on going. COE till 27 Feb 2022 & Road tax till 27 Feb 2018 Plate wi
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