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  1. clutch slipping with new engine oil. try another oil or change clutch plates
  2. clutch slipping with new engine oil. try another oil or change clutch plates
  3. Hi, I am thinking of a whatsapp chatgroup with primary focus on sharing information especially on technical issues/problems and general news and info (accidents, regulations). It is a quick response channel for help and discussions. It is non-bike specific. It is NOT meant to be a sales channel. It is NOT meant as a round up riding groups either but meet ups are not disallowed for discussions. I am not always around for meetup n i dont really FaceBook or check mail or forum-hence the whatsapp chatgroup. However I am rather strict on rules. And there is only one rule; RESPECT. Please
  4. Hi, Anyone with FWD Insurance? Can share experience? Anyone wants to get FWD Insurance? Can PM me pls? Thank you.
  5. Hi, You bought with FWD? How is the experience? Thank you.
  6. Any bros or sis out there who ever heard there is such thing as Honda innova, honda wave, yamaha spark service manual? can share share pls? Thank you in advance very much. Appreciate it. Regards n ride safe
  7. Can check what is the number/contact for the reliable tow truck cum garage? TIA
  8. Anyone has the figures for the title? Selft test oso can. TIA.
  9. Am trying to learn the different versions of NC. So far I only got to know there is the 700 and 750 versions n those with and without ABS (differentiated via the letter A at the end of the model name). I also heard that 2016 onwards is LED lights. Can anyone enlighten me more? Like which year go what changes and how to differentiate those with n without DCT? The that most sellers didnt mention anything on the listings suggest that possibly all these may be differentiated by year of production. Thank you very much in advance.
  10. Feather the clutch and transition in with throttle. Ideally done by the lamp post to gear 2. Latest allowed is before the turn for the pylon.
  11. Con: most owners may not be able to hide the problems of the bike extensively Pro: some (maybe many) shop offer limited period of warranty of which they are able to hide the extensive issues of the bike. Arm and defend yourself with knowledge against Miss Lemon. Good luck.
  12. U may not have much choices sometimes depending on the clearance given by the vehicles on your sides. It would be prudent to anticipate the ride on the lines. Painted surfaces do pose a threat especially when wet. So as a new rider u may not want to lane split when it is wet. If there is still signs of lost of traction on the dotted lines when it is dry then the tyre may deserve a change as it is possible to have hardened with time. Reduced speed during lane splitting helps with reduced demand on traction and reaction space to contingencies. Ride safe, always.
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