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  1. Plz call me at 85332227 on your R1

  2. Hi! Interested in the balancer. 93366845 serious buyer!

  3. Hi bro , intresred in your wind shield n handle balancer. Pls wa me at 98587434.coz rarely login to sbf. Thanks

  4. hi all.. experiencing choking when riding at 90-100km/h the feeling like is.. something stuck and can't smoothly trottle, but if i trottle harder, still can go above 100km/h anybody experience this feelings before?
  5. i haven't buy... usually do research first before buying...
  6. lol.. thanks man. well.. looks good only.. but inside now.. rider also very reckless.. so "LOOK good" only.. haha
  7. anybody heard about this "RCD'Absorber"? new in market.. HKL selling it at $68 plus work man shop
  8. anybody knows what is the purpose of the EO breather? is like a tube coming out from the EO cap.
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