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  1. Wew.... small world Fz16- drz and now a kawa One of your subs!
  2. Ok! Thank you for the replies I'm guessing that it's better to go used R15 rather than new MT15 Most prolly will buy from dealer and change every consumable on it Got no biker kaki
  3. Thank you sir for your reply, Was leaning on the r15 too but I know there's slightly more to pay for the sport bike... What do you think of the MT 15 that was released recently Also any dealers have the best pricing?
  4. Greetings First of all I'll like to apologize on this overasked question... Pardon me for that As I know now isn't the best timing for bikes due to the increment in coe prices But would still like to question, Among my preference of R15, RS125, duke, RC200, Which one has the most value for money... I know I'll be upgrading in the future (rc390 or sth along that line) so would like as on user experience on these bike and the better one of the list in terms of prices and parts... Thanks a mil
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