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  1. Even the latest PGO IME 150 also has a 6-litre fuel tank. I have to pump petrol almost every week. This is ridiculous .... but then how to add another 6-litre fuel tank to make it 12-litre, it is not even too much to ask for !!!! but then LTA is not going to help, yeah modifying the fuel tank ... ha, get fined first !!! Thanks LTA
  2. Hi, I want to fix 2 SMALL SIDE BOXES for my motorbike. I checked around but cannot find any that have SMALL side boxes. Anyone who knows which shops have or install SMALL side boxes please PM me. Thanks. PS: I live at Woodlands, so nearby would be nice otherwise just let me know the place. Thanks. PS: Please suggest only when you really know the shop HAS small side boxes.
  3. Custom officer shouted at 3-wheeler motorcyclist for not using motorcycle lanes Entering Singapore, the Woodlands Sg Custom has large sign boards advising large bikes and 3-wheelers to use Lane 41 and 42. Indeed Lane 41 and 42 are large enough for 3-wheelers to get through. BUT the main entrance lane has this concrete divider that ensures the lane is small enough that 3-wheelers cannot get through !!! And so when I am stuck I have to inform the custom officers and they will tell me next time use the car lanes. So henceforth I use the car lanes to get through Sg Custom. Yesterday 29 J
  4. This is really puzzling ... hope someone with authority can enlighten me ... In Johor Bahru custom, they have automated lanes for malaysian motorcyclist to automatically and speedily cleared custom. For foreign motorcyclists including those from singapore we must use the manual lanes to be inspected and manually cleared. This I can understand, afterall it is own citizen first and foreigners cannot be trusted. In Singapore custom, we also have automated lanes. But this automated lanes are for foreign motorcyclists including those from malaysian. They are automatically and speedily cleared
  5. does anyone know at/near Singapore Botanical Gardens got free parking or URA parking on weekend after 5pm. Thanks ...
  6. told my bike dealer i want replace existing 35W headlamp with 20W LED headlamp. He said bike headlamp is dc and wattage of all electrical accessories already BALANCED by mfg, so if change to LOW WATTAGE headlamp means ALL OTHER electrical accessories will get HIGHER wattage output, may spoil the accessories like tail lamp bulb etc .... is this correct? need a second opinion ...
  7. I seldom ride my bike so battery not fully charged. I want remove battery and bring home to fully charge it. Question: if I remove battery from bike, will this affect the ECU settings or any complications ? Any experts please advise...
  8. 1. Correct me if I am wrong ... I was told if I turn on the power switch and headlamp light did not come on but when I start the engine then headlamp light come on MEANS the headlamp is using ALTERNATING CURRENT AC. 2. OK suppose my headlamp is delivering 12V Alternating Current AC to the 35Watt bulb. Now I want to change the bulb to a new 12V of LOWER wattage but higher brightness Direct Current DC LED bulb. Is this possible, are there any complications?
  9. Hi guys, I want to apply for the Automated Entry in my passport to JB. Anyone can please advise whether this can be done at JB CIQ, or where is it done in SG. Also how much does it cost. Thanks.
  10. Hi Mr Biker, you are on the wrong thread, ha ha ha, I still looking for that PGO service/repair manual here ... ... you can go to my other thread ... https://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/518355-Can-PGO-WEL-150cc-3-wheeler-enter-JB-at-Woodlands-CIQ-through-motorcycle-lane ... concerning going JB. Anyway, I stayed at Woodlands and I will still go JB via causeway, using car/bike lanes mixture for the 3-wheelers
  11. My friends and I together own an Adiva AR3, PGO I ME 150, Goldwing. We are subriders for each other The handling of a 3-wheelers is very different from a 2-wheel motorbike. You don't countersteer, instead you direct steer. The feeling of turning is also different. On 2-wheeler when you want turn left you lean down left and turn. With 3-wheeler you can't, so you feel the centrifugal force moving you to the right, like when you driving a van. Poor road surface condition can cause 3-wheelers to veer left or right but on speed above 50km/hr this effect is gone. A very important point to
  12. I just bought a PGO I ME 150 3-wheeler. It comes with a user manual but no service/repair manual. As I am a hands-on guy, I need the service/repair manual to know the detail specs of the motor parts and how to unassemble. Does anyone knows where I can get the service/repair manual. Thanks.
  13. For the benefits of those who own a PGO I ME 150 3-wheelers. I rode mine from Causeway to JB. Sg CIQ to JB: actually bike can pass between kerbs but gantry placed there prevented entry, so must use car lanes. JB CIQ to JB: no problem passing between kerbs. JB CIQ to Sg: no problem passing between kerbs. Sg CIQ to Sg: kerbs too narrow, unable to pass through, must use car lanes. For those who ride Adiva AR3, confirmed cannot pass between kerbs both Sg and JB side.
  14. Hi, I ride Honda Goldwing, my friend rides 3-wheelers, another a big Yamaha with large side boxes. We planning go Johor via Woodlands Checkpoint. Can anyone please advise: Towards Johor a. At Woodlands Checkpoint, which larger lane to take for big bikes. b. At Johor Checkpoint, which larger lane to take for big bikes. Towards Singapore a. At Johor Checkpoint, which larger lane to take for big bikes. b. At Woodlands Checkpoint, which larger lane to take for big bikes. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Hi Airflow and anyone, I want to fix my box in the same manner as photo, do you know where or who knows how to fix like this. Please Private Message me. Thanks.
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