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  1. Seriously why COI? Why don't you just buy the bike over. With COI, you both got to trust each other. And thats rarely gonna happen on this forum.
  2. I have a spare bike but i want to sell it.
  3. You missed it. A guy was selling his 3years old for 25K in excellent condition. He sold it just after ARF went up.
  4. Please advise location for Rompin Lobster. Thanks
  5. I notice the bike to rented was a Thai bike. Any problem getting it into Laos? Where did you rent from?
  6. Did this trip happen? I like to know the price and method to fly the bikes over to Borneo.
  7. Did you go alone, rent and ride or with a packaged tour?
  8. $5xx? is it waterproof? Where did you buy it from?
  9. The BMW GSs is really an amazing machine.
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