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  1. Hi guys! Looking to get input from those who have owned a Revo or is still owning one. I'm thinking of getting a new Revo and was wondering if it's a recommended bike for the long run. Is it too costly to maintain (FC, servicing) for it's engine capacity or it is not too bad at all?


    I know affordability is subjective and it depends on each individual but I'm just wondering in general is it fine. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

  2. CB400 actually has very good FC. Avoid the TMax, it's a gas guzzler for it's size.


    Super 4's maintenance is only similar to Class 2 bikes because it's a 4 cylinder machine. 4 plugs, 16 valves to care for. But it's probably the only choice here that will cruise at 120 without feeling like it will explode.


    Burgman can hit 120+ (I think even 150), but it's not going to feel as relaxed and smooth.



    So would your personal opinion be the Honda CB400 Revo?

  3. Hey guys! Basically I am moving on from my trusty Yamaha FZ16 to something that can hopefully satisfy my desires and needs in terms of power and comfort. I'm looking within the class 2A range but also open to suggestions from class 2 as well. To be more precise, I am looking at a balance of power and being economical (in terms of maintenance, servicing, fuel consumption). I understand that it is a give or take between the two factors. Honestly, I would be satisfied if I can cruise comfortably at 120 km/h. That's just the type of rider I am :lol:


    I am looking at two bikes. Honda Super 4 CB400 Revo and Suzuki Burgman 400. My friends have suggested a Yamaha TMax. A bit apprehensive as I heard maintenance isn't cheap. Heard maintaining a Super 4 costs as much as a class 2 bike and the FC is on the low side. Burgman 400, I am unsure of the maintenance costs and my friends have told me the power will not satisfy me.


    I am looking to own my next bike for a very long time. Most likely looking at a first hand/new one. So yeah, I'm looking forward to reading the input from you guys!

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