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  1. Boss aftermarket airfilters for Honda Nc750x include installation how much

  2. Ya bro..anything can pm me 96443044

  3. Hey bro, am a newbie to the sym gts and i been reading the forums lately. Noticed that you go to jb to do up ur bike and i wanna save cost too. But can you tell me where the shop is? issit the one at a slip-road after the shell? there's an indian mech who does kapkia and small scooters?


    Mine i sent to taihin for servicing, and will never send back again. Changed clutch n new belt n rollers, started to give bad vibrations. Sent to sporting motors, uncle open up and check, belt and rollers were put in wrongly. But vibrations still there, both shops unable to tell me why.


    So if i can get the directions to this shop maybe i can fix it all up for much less.

    Appreciate ur help if u can yea!

  4. All $15 off of...sd card class 10 is$5 off

  5. Hi there, how much discount can you get for gopro hd3 silver ? [email protected]

  6. if u wanna get go pro3 let me know...i can get cheaper

  7. Ok bro..count me in.. 18 ok wz me

  8. sorry pal.. it brand new..

    I believe the item is being retailed at 28-35dollars.


    Anyway left 2 pcs ups for grab.

    If i can sell, will just keep it as a spare.


  9. hi how much is complete set Rk O ring or X ring 520 gold chain n rear sprocket size 43 cost n front is stock?

  10. How much is samco hose for NSR 250cc . MC 28

  11. Bro u sold off yr rsw fairing already?..

  12. Ray..price u wanna sell at $80

  13. I've got a mint battery tender international for sale. give me an offer.





  14. I think the clutch basket u need to change. If u pull the clutch the engine will not making any noise rite? I have not change it also as it a normal. Bro if u want to get power of which exhaust I suggest get a race can such SATO,LADY BIRD OR MORIWAKI SLIP ON. But it is street legal. Cheaper but give u maximum power.
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