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  1. Originally Posted by 736cc guys, how about a vintage bike meet/ride before CNY? Date: 20th Jan 2012 Time:2030hrs Place: Kallang KFC, 5 Stadium Walk Singapore 397693 1. 736cc- 90682904 2. jali - 83378892 3. 4.
  2. no worries rod... hope the deal goes out well .. n seeing u ride the baby out ... cheers keep me uopdated ..
  3. its the malboro design paintwork ( bike still original paintwork) ... flat tail light and signal light join together .. COE just renew need to chech wth him again if the bikes still avail ..
  4. 31-03-2011 05:36 AM736cc Hey jali! Long time no see. Hope to see you on the meet up holla marco .. been busy lately lah .. bt again cant afford to miss this meet , been long time sia since last meet up .. cheers 2 all
  5. Vintage bikes Meet Location: Kampong Glam Cafe, Bussorah street Time: 2100Hrs(9.00pm) Date: 08 April 2011 Bussorah street is very near to arab street, please refer to the map. We cannot go KFC anymore, no more free parking there. Long time never see and meet all the vintage bikes. Let meet and catch up a bit All bike and made are welcome. Do drop your name down if you can make it 1. 736cc-90682904 2. Phang – 98437734 3. Ris 4. jali
  6. holla peepz might wana sell my Vv .. upgrading 2 a biger bike .. any offer pls Pm me ..tks . ( btw the yellow vv its my bike) cheers
  7. hollaa peez ..any kind soulz can help me in finding c70 body frame ?? (square headlight) manage to get the round headlght body frame bt lack of other acessories to complete the bike ... tks
  8. Holla marco allz .. long time sia no join this thread ... cheers to allz marco think u r born to ride onli japs bike lor ..LOL seen one ts185 at a motor shop @ kaki bukit autobay . beautifullly kept bt no idea for sale lei ... so guys any meetup for kopi session yet?? my new ride a small baby c70 nw ...cheers allz
  9. marco u sold off yr harley liao ??? sell it to me lei if u dnt want ...cheers
  10. holla all vintage kaki's here .. long time sia no join all in this thread .. ride safe and cya arnd .. cheers
  11. holla rix thanks for the info .. rgds my c70 its a pretty joy riding it.. aint no worries while riding on expressway or KPE tunnel to lookout or slow down when comes to speed camera >>LOL full throtle still "no flash". btw guys a fren of mine looking for WR4 or WR6 .. any1 letting go ? do pimp me up if any1 keen 2 let go ..thanks ..cheers Wishing all the chinese rider here a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR . wth GOOD FORTUNE and HEALTH .. the rest happy long holidays ... cheerrsss !!! ride safe .
  12. upz for andy ... wish i can join the convoy bt no classic bike lah ... btw marco and fren any idea does chia heng shop still operating ?? coz just gt a honda cubs c70 . hope 2 join u guys again once restored the bike ...cheers
  13. hollaa peepz ..long time sia no drop by in here ..... hw al the vintage kaki's been ?? any gath yet ? cheers!!
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