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  1. Start faster use footbrake better than too slow and stall or footed or drop bike. Some people can immediately change 2nd gear do u-turn just observe.
  2. If speed too fast just step on foot brake to slow down then your turning radius will reduce.
  3. The instructors always advise to accelerate during straights only. Like accelerate immediate after turning the first left and after clearing the top half of the 8 accelerate again before clearing the bottom half. Just go youtube look for the safety competition videos they can do it very fast. For u-turn only advice is to practise more, and if you are going too slow try to lean out instead or lean with, it would help. Also turn your head and chin toward the direction you want to go. Basically everything this article says: https://www.motorcyclenews.com/new-rider/how-to-motorbike-u-turn-easy
  4. There are many ways to do it. I heard some people can go thru all cones without accelerating at all. Personally i would have a more aggressive approach and accelarate, brake and turn then accelerate, brake turn, repeat until clear. After awhile you will get the feel of doing it really fast. When you brake the bike will want to turn easier but you need to accelerate again in order to prevent the bike from stalling or falling down. This video shows roughly the technique on setting records for pylon slalom:
  5. Finally passed after close to 2 years! Now time to buy bike.
  6. Target fixation. Look at where you want to go 2-3 cones ahead not at the cone in front of you.
  7. Next week. All very fast now that not many ppl taking.
  8. In a way he is correct. In US and even Taiwan they are allowed to immediately learn on 400cc and above bikes. As for the CB190 once you got used to it problems like stalling, wobbling etc would go away. I am 1.86m 85kg and able to balance so shorter lighter people should have an easier time.
  9. If its any consolation (or further discoragement) i repeated lesson 1 8 times. The instructor told me that if your basics are solid then future lessons would be easier. And in a way he is right since i managed to clear 6 and 7 in 1 attempt.
  10. Finally cleared all lessons. 6 & 7 1 time pass. So for Aug i managed to clear 3 lessons from 5-7.
  11. Congrats! Still got 2 lesson to go but who know how many months to clear them. I'm also rushing for time now since I have already renewed for 1 year.
  12. Needed to repeat RTT since expired already. Didnt know only valid 1 yr. FTT 2 years validity. Now lessons so hard to book after the CB. I'm already on 2nd year of extension hope don't need extend again.
  13. Road is always crazy. Last time when i was taking class 3 got taxi try to brake check me on road, then got stupid bicycle originally facing me suddenly turn 90 degrees and chiong across the crossing when i was about to move off causing instructor to ebrake. I think road will have lots of crazy people just want to cause you to have accident unlike circuit where everyone so friendly and give way.
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