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  1. yeah i was hoping to find and compare. but yeah lor... in the end i got ntuc income policy.
  2. i don't have. didn't do... i scared haha i think i prefer to exercise. but i want flat abs leh
  3. also.. what food is rich in calcium and easy for elderly to eat ah?
  4. any caretakers here ah? in the end i also didn't buy any honey. had to support my grandma instead. she had a small fall, but due to age, the recovery not good. doctor at KTPH prescribed calcium tablets and drink ensure plus too. i forgot to ask, so any caretakers here? i got this blogger on difference between ensure and ensure plus i don't know if i can just use ensure powder instead of the packet one. coz the powder is a lot cheaper.
  5. any members here perform in pubs or cafes? let me know so i can go chill on weekend.
  6. not that expensive ba, all things considered. i think taking bus and mrt is cheaper, but then if u have to travel many times a day, the bike can be cheaper leh. just get a scooter if u want cheap. if u want shiok, get something better
  7. got anyone here enjoy ASMR too? for those who dunno what is ASMR, it is videos with sounds that make your spine tingles.. you will feel a chilling sensation. it helps u relax. this is definition of what is ASMR and why you need. i used to watch ASMR to help with depression and also thats why i love motorcycling so much. the thrill of riding with the wind blowing on my face. damn chill and relaxed. now i just watch youtube. hope got fellow singaporeans here who also enjoy siah.
  8. changi point, ok i think i roughly know where u referring to btw all these places, if camping, still need to apply with NEA for camping permits right?
  9. wah i wonder if i know u personally in real life. last time got 1 biker outing i know this lady who got a maltese and then bought another maltese for her maltese as a companion. lol if its you, i am the one with pink helmet (hello kitty sticker) lol
  10. just joined! glad to this the facebook group still alive and active! 533 members!
  11. trying to eat more manuka honey and apple cider vinegar for healthy living. read abt this blog on 10 different brands of manuka honey in singapore siah. been eating lots of oily food.. and coughing from smoke in traffic. need to eat less fats, more vegetables and fruits... doing intermittent fasting and hiit!
  12. i like camping and sleeping in my hammocks. unfortunately i dunno where to camp in singapore. only done camping in east coast park. for those new to hammocks, u can read about this blogger on hammock camping FAQ questions
  13. wah! i can imagine his look now! so cute! where would u seat him
  14. really kind of u to think of adoption instead of buying! always adopt! i adopt my pet dog years ago. really wonderful companion that go through life with you. love her to the max. giving her the best food i can afford, usually raw meat, especially organ meat and raw bones from the butcher. don't anyhow buy pet food ok. read this blogger guide on best pet food for dog. i personally don't support buy those dry pet food. prefer home food for her. only buy those dog treats from pet shop now and then for her
  15. think if u done everything steadily, no traffic offence ba. don't worry. i kanna stuck in yellow box due to unfortunate events before, so far no TP letter lol
  16. saxophone is nice! i learnt a bit but not so good at it now
  17. i took hitachi before. not bad service, and i got some promo at the beginning. my latest bike last year i took hire purchase loans but the bike is not under my name its under their names.
  18. ntuc income got? then maybe my friend don't want my biz or he cannot do motorbike lor. I read this forum and found EQ insurance offer. i went to this car insurance faq for singapore and asked them, they have EQ insurance but they don't offer motorbike also. let me call my ntuc friend and ask him, if cannot, will go to ntuc directly ba. thanks Kaiq!
  19. bikerinpink

    pink helmet

    From the album: me and my bike

  20. bikerinpink

    me and my bike

    bike and me!
  21. sian how come singapore insurance keep refusing to insure motorbikes now. i just went 2 brokers and both said they can't do motorcycle insurance
  22. Chey, I thought you mean real tongkat ali in singapore like this now i realised u mean motor enhancement lol
  23. eh what tongkat ali is that? my bf wanna try.
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