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  1. Owner of Marushin helmet too? :) same here

  2. Ya la. that day at cine called u. u like dun remember me. make me so sad. :(


    Me fine lar. still the same lo. haha.


    How about u? Heard that you riding R1 now right?


    Paiseh ah... quite long bo log in liao.

  3. how much u selling the exhaust n pc3?

  4. hey long time no see u sia..... still riding ur rvf? how r u!

  5. haha, eh i also living west side leh, i think alot riders love to gather at the shell near jp there. anyway relax lah, let them be lo. i also kena 2 tzm riders before, both of them with pillions, wah one of them, the pillion damn heavy lo, still wanna race haha i relax same speed all the way but they keep overtake and slow again. Really dunno what they want, from PIE jurong till balestier there haha but in the end rain so they stop by the bus stop outside the old police academy then i laugh at them, lousy! anyway sometimes some rider just too sensitive, keep thinking they riding small bike
  6. ok, i got it! I think maybe u dun understand some of the things. I believe everything they(not sure for the mechanic but confirm for the boss) ask u to change they will explain to you why. anyway good for u lah, as long as u solve the problem can le. congrats to u
  7. so secretive, lol anyway since u choose not to go back anymore, then all the best to u. I believe if u go b n speak to the boss, he sure will help and solve ur problem.
  8. nt bad quite cheap! warrently how long? better faster find out all the problems then get it all change
  9. any chances of meeting up this weekend or what? haha
  10. hi there, so where did u got ur rvf from in the end? coolant and those electric problem i guess.
  11. what is TPFT? wondering got cctv at there or what anot? or anyone know the underworld pple there? I cant believe it sia.
  12. u mean that place always got bike stolen? really damn sad for him lo!
  13. hey bro take care k! hope the person who stole ur bike whole family die k, or maybe after stole ur bike then buang then die! next time ride u out lo k? still can gather together de! he never shop, just go buy thing awhile only. he parked at holiday plaza
  14. cannot jio u lah, u too pro, u got the gambler look, jio u = let u win then the rest lose liao! lol
  15. haha ps ar, cos one year once... next time drinks on me k. lol
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