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  1. FYI. Free defensive riding course for NTUC motorcycle insurance policyholders. Will even get one time 10% off from next year insurance fee http://orangesafe.com.sg/registernow.html
  2. bro, salah lei...his one is fz6 03..should be the carb version:)
  3. The application period closed for July 2011 intake. u gotto wait for the next January 2012 intake. Do read up on which course ure interested it before committing. U wanna explore? nothing much lei..Suggest u to wait for their open house:)
  4. haha..must play with free wheeling down the slope too~ dont scared la...the most is free excercise for a few hundred metres to the next petrol station:p
  5. my balls were sweating lo, i cant imagine pushing my bike with 2 loaded boxes:faint: im using 95 now...dont know why my f/c is better lei after switching from 97....
  6. yoz, i just pushed to 90km f-trip recently...reach esso just nice left die hehehehe:angel:
  7. classes for unisim are from 7pm-10pm. Make up classes usually happens if ure class falls on a holiday and its make up on saturday. Some Ucore classes are also held on Saturday. Venue of classes is based on ure timetable. Sometimes at NYP, SP, Unisim itself and other places. No classes at TP though:cry: Maximum credit unit(CU) allowable per semester is 20cu. Im doing the maximum every semester. Most subjects are 5cu each. The advance ones may go up to 10cu. also u need to take 10cu of Ucore subjects throughtout ure study in unisim. fastest can finish a bsc business degree in any
  8. depends what u like...presentations or numbers... business is more for the general aspect in a sense that learn everything and most stuffs in general - there are many courses which u can go and apply for...MDIS, Unisim, Kaplan...depends on ure budget and how fast u wanna finish....when u grad, there are awide range of jobs available in the market..however, u are a jack of all trade but a master of none....eventually will become one but takes experience:p accounting - a more specific industry. join this industry only if u like numbers!...the course are expensive, and most accountant usua
  9. yeap...full time job all they way:)
  10. IT degree ha...not recommended. especially part time IT degree. In today's company's its best to equip ureself with diploma and lots of relevant certification ...dont waste money on IT part time degree... and if ure job is incline towards business, why not take a degree in business related fields? it is better for u since u have a foundation in IT and just need that business degree to get a shot into a more management position in future... My typical schedule ha... Monday: Class Tuesday: Gym Wedneday: Revise Thursday: Class Friday: 2nd link blast Saturday: Park toh Sunday: Park t
  11. ya agree!...got money + full time better....no need worry bout work and getting to class late...this one ha, achievable if u can strike toto one time good one=p alamak, u everytime stalk me in carpark issit until u know im not there? now school holidays enjoying.....until monday when the exam results are out:help:
  12. Hi guys, lemme iron out the details. Will PM u guys once its sorted Cheers! wah u asking for it! Get ready to be poison~ here u go...FZ1 CF Engine Protector
  13. hey edwin! ride safe man!=D
  14. couldnt make it...went back to KL from thurs-mon=) next time ya......
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