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  1. My bikers friends says S4 also quite dangerous in Malaysia if unguarded. Very fast gone from the spot that you park in Malaysia. I think MT03 is better as Malaysia not into that kind of league in their license.
  2. What are best new bike current on the market with legal exhaust for it then if FI are better? Cause I really don't know what to get.
  3. New to biker world

  4. Hi All, I'm new to this forum and I'm a nerd on bikes. Recently I just got my 2A license and thinking of buying a NEW 400cc bike with legal exhaust to commute daily for Singapore usage and sometimes short trip to Malaysia before I get my Class 2 license for further touring purposes. I would like to hear more about bikes regarding Carburettor or FI on which is better. A lot riders mention that if get Super 4 must get Spec 3 on the last batch of carburettors. Is that true?? @[email protected] FYI, my ideal mode is actually using a 2A bike for daily commute and a Class 2 bike for touring purpose but be
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