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  1. I have been looking to buy an ebike ever since a coworker brought in a Smacircle. What I need is a bike that helps me to commute efficiently in at least a 10 KM radius. I really don’t need/ want a mamual throttle, I just want that sweet pedal assistance so I can commute around quickly without sweating. I’d love to be able to go to the store as well. Smacircle is made of the carbon fiber frame only with 7 kgs, and it could fit into your backpack. I love it to be able to anywhere.
  2. You guys probably heard about this bike.. If not: https://www.smacircle.com/ According to Smacircle, they are doing this crazy deal on indigogo for $649. If the Indiegogo campaign is over, they will sell it for around $1400. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/smacircle-s1-the-ebike-that-fits-in-your-backpack-bike--2#/ I like the looks of the bike and its features, but how good is it? And how are they not lying about this. What do they benefit of this? Been searching the web for answers. Does that mean nobody knows?
  3. Hey,Guys. Do you want to have a trip with your bike? Of course. We don't need to worry about the traffic jam on the road. The ebike could help you reduce the jam. Tired of carrying your eBike around? Pack your Smacircle S1 in our new Trolley Backpack & roll it to your destination!
  4. Tired of carrying your eBike around? Pack your things in the new Trolley Backpack & roll it to your destination! The multi-functional Trolley Bag perfect for your 1-3 day trips. Easily put your travel accessories in the backpack. Simply pull it to save energy. Wonderful, Right?
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