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  1. Hi guys, wondeirng anyone selling their sp, preferbably COE till end of 2021 or early 2022. Do PM me
  2. Hi RXZ riders, Woudl appreciate if anyone can give abreakdown of the different RXZ, liek japan RXZ, Catalyzed, 5pv etc... totally confused by these different models and what difference they have =(
  3. TBH any driving centre will do. For me i chose the nearest to my hse cause I lazy to travel. But will be different when u have your bike and going to take Class 2A cause by then got bike, what is a bit of travelling right? Hahaha For beginner bike, if you are going to progress to class 2 eventually, u can get any bike but PLEASE DON'T get a sports bike. Reason is simple. You might sell or scrap it after a year, why pay higher premium for a sports bike, incur higher fuel consumption and repair cost for sports bike even at 2B level is higher that naked bikes etc. At 2B level you are used to r
  4. 1. koyok - Mayflower Grad 95 2. Garnet - Hai Sing Catholic, Catholic JC 3. Rvf Gal - St Anthony Convent 4. motoxxx55 - Mayflower 5. jingle - Temasek Sch 6. aiya4 - Jurong Sec Grad 94 7. spycraft - Bedok View Sec grad '95 8. mini pie - Peicai Sec Sch 9. merz65 - Tampines sec sch (forgot grad when liao) 10. Ah Teck - Holy Innocents High 11. Jenny` - Bukit View Sec 12. Sawadii - Queensway 13. L3mOn - thomson sec n Ftpss 14. BD - Nan Hua Sec 15. Jade - New Town Sec 16. Guyver - Geylang Methodist Sec. Sch. 17. chrisonance - Primary 1 drop-out... 18. reaper_y - Anderson Sec Sch 19.
  5. Thanks bro! Just a quick question about DIY maintainence. If i change engine oil under my HDB block how do I dispose off the old engine oil.
  6. Premier @ kaki bukit Level 7 FTA garage
  7. Gratz bro! I too have passed my TP recently ) See you and stay safe on the road yea!
  8. UPDATE Finally passed my 2B TP n 24th April 2019 after months of procrastination. Really happy and have gotten myself an FZ16ST
  9. Hi sis, I think the nearest driving centre for your area will be CDC Cheers
  10. How was it bro? Managed to pass your TP? Hope you passed
  11. Thanks Bro! Getting back into the game and hoping to score my license this March 2019 haha
  12. Dont ever give up! I have been slacking and procrastinating for almost an entire year but hey Im back again and you could too =) We never quit, we just took breaks
  13. Hi everyone, been busy and havent gotten about updating this thread but i guess its kinda dead LOL. Anyway I have been delaying my class 2B TP test due to personal circumstances and had a few job switches. However now that I am stable Im happy to be able to go for the upcoming Class 2B TP test this coming march 2019. =D
  14. Hi all seniors Just checking on the following doubts i have... My friend is the owner of the bike and intends to add me as a sub-rider. What are the additional cost I am shouldering up? Is there like sub-rider fee and does the sub rider need to have an insurance or has it been alrdy covered by main rider's 3rd party insurance. Please advice =)
  15. Its alright bro, my first attempt, I actually mishandled the throttle and mounted the grass and 'completed' the fig of 8 in 3 secs HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Crashing is part and parcel of learning. I fell during cornering right after ebrake course and skidded my bike and shredded the CDC raincoat pants HAHAH
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