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  1. Haha, awesome video. Enjoyed it.
  2. Sorry, there is no room on the list for self-doubt.
  3. Yeah, if you have trouble justifying it, then you probably want to hang back on the purchase. I'd try not to over-analyze the issue. A simple checklist will do; 1) Dig the aesthetics 2) Get a kick when i'm on it 3) Usability. ie. I'll get what i want out of it 4) Affordable 5) Can't think of any other alternative Coincidentally, this checklist also doubles up as a "Should I date this chick" checklist.
  4. On top of what [email protected] already mentioned you will probably want to change belts at 24k, Change clutch n brake fluids, and check other wear n tear parts like clutch plates, chain n sprockets, wheel n steering bearings. Don't think there's any way to check the error code that's causing the light to come on other than using a diagnostic software.
  5. Bike was stumbling so sent it in to Minerva to get it sorted out. Dropped it off during lunchtime and went back there after work to collect it. Sounds like they ended up doing a CO trim and adjusted the throttle bodies. Somehow they managed to tinker ard for 1.2 hrs worth of labor for a total of $72!! Ouch... Anyone knows if Raymond has the software stuff to do this? i'm sure he wont take that long.
  6. Important thing is that you are still in one piece! What happened when the timing belt snapped? did your engine seize? I think its nonsense to blame it on the exhaust, worse still the stickers on the covers?!?! and on a 2 month old bike?!?!? based on my limited mechanical knowledge, sounds more like a defective part or incorrect tension on the belts. i think you have every right to fight for the damage to be covered by warranty.
  7. Anyone happen to have a spare clutch lever actuating pin (for s2r1k, s4/s4r '01-'05, ST3/4, 748/996/998) lying around. I messed mine up while switching levers.
  8. So do they carry any new aftermarket parts? for clutch slaves that is
  9. Anyone knows if KC stocks the Evoluzione clutch slave cylinder?
  10. Anybody have any good suggestions on where to mount my IU unit? Ideally somewhere hidden away and not blocking the dash.
  11. better hurry!! I think they still have one black s2r1k available, a red one just got sold last week.
  12. 696 machine price around $21k. last i heard still have bikes available for July delivery, that was about 1 week ago.
  13. Looking around for a 2nd hand M400, if anyone has one to let go or happens to see one available for sale, lemme know... thanks!
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