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  1. Hi bro, are you still using stock number plate mudguard er6n?

  2. On facebook there is a group "SG Dirt Riders" request to join, they also have organised rides for newbies too... g
  3. Bike has found a New Owner, Thank You for your Interest, Cheers! g.
  4. My first honda. I think less than three on the road now. I know another wid a Harley rider. The rest of total 4 white tank and three Red tank have been scrapped cos they bought 5 year COE back then. Cheers, g
  5. Wow...upsz from Page 19... Been busy busy.... Cheers, g
  6. According to some websites 27-30HP but she's an old bird man. In her prime Top Speed is about 135kph. Now about 110-120kph is still comfy. Nothing to shout about these days, compared to the new machines. If you are looking for a stable comfortable (as in soft and wide seat), just to chug along in trail and on the roads then this is it. Needs work but still reliable as is (she starts despite non-regular use). Cheers, g
  7. Upsz from Page 7...... Heh heh.........Only looking for Good Owner.... Cheers, g
  8. Upsz from Page 8...... Have at you Varlets!!!!! Cheers, g
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