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  1. you should seek second opinion. sorry to say but you mech dunno whats the cause and ask you change this and that but still doesnt solve the prob.
  2. So gum you lost someone selling at the exact same date. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/356033-OHLINS-from-XJR400-For-Sale
  3. fwah like that i got alot of drinks eh HAHAHA can last me for one year supply for meet ups Hahahaha....
  4. rack ah can do at sengkwang lor. His rack heavier but longer lasting and LIFE TIME warranty. but more ex of cos. He can customise wat you want. As for box hmmmm depending on individual. I personally using Coocase Astra but the Bigger Coocase seems BIGG!!!! Hahahaha but alot still choose Hepo dunno why. hmmm
  5. like that at i $501 can? hahahha
  6. Sexstified huh hahaha can of cos but orgynizer not me WAHAHAHAH yoyoyo wat huh wat huh. basket you so long haven seen you. When when when. KFC ah hee hee hee. arrange leh.
  7. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so ex. so you still want my shocks Hahaha. i will be there say 8pm sorry for the late reply man was out just now.
  8. saw one at jalan besar that day chatting with the owner. his bike bought at 12k and very new. omg such good price, lucky him.
  9. Huh buy who huh??? hahaha so you found your suspension? If not you take go use then when i sell bike then you return me or wat Eh guys i will be at LC tomorrow nite with my frens see if you want to come along and party Hahahaha....
  10. You that time emo say sell bike no more riding ma hhahahaha so how are you now? still riding? Cannot, cannot chat here. Must pay money first AHHHHHHHHHH HAHAHA joking joking. Mabbe wannt intro yourself first? wat bike stay where male or female. married or not Lol
  11. can tell by the engine size Hahahaha
  12. haha ya but i dunno how to price him so i say i take back better.
  13. i must be selling my bike to ex. Hahaha.... well at some point a agree that the bike price here are getting higher. But its all base on how much you trust the seller and how much you knw abt bikes condition.
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