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  1. hey rsexxyy, wheere you do your amsoil oil change? i've read in the a online store saying good review on this oil and u also say good. hence would like to try lei. also how much did you change it for? scare tio carrot. haha. anyway can sms me? 91800890. xiang yi

  2. Hi m interested in ur exhaust,is it possible for viewing and wher cn i view it ? Thks.

  3. Good that u all had fun..I had alot of fun too..even thou I crashed on purpose at Turn 2(no choice tire wall is ahead), the improvements I made that day was beyond words..hahaha!! I was smiling from ear to ear..even my frens are happy too. They have been there supporting me and seen my progress.. I have a 1 man pit crew/motivator/timer/rider(ride hm)..so lucky to have a fren so supportive.. Anything..give me a call..can go practice together again..now I'm in between tires..too worn to push on track but too good to throw away..now I can only go merry go round at PG, juz to get that f
  4. Sorry to hijack..hehehe!! Compare those 2 pics..ur posture now is better..less lean angle required to take on that corner. Which equals to less scrubbing of your footrests while going faster than b4.. Keep practicing Seng Leong!!
  5. Another CBR1000RR... Pasal maintenance, moto smua sama..engine oil kena jaga, blah..blah..blah!! Tapi kalau pasal problems..04/05 kena jaga stator..aka magneto coil. Slalu terbakar..kocek ko pon ikot tebakar.. Also conrod bearings (piston ataupon crankshaft nye part) slalu wear out fast..Remedy dier >> OVERHAUL!!! Kat sini dah 4 org bawak CBR1000RR kena overhaul..termasuk akooo.. Kalau part nk racing2 ngan CBR1000RR..>> kena tanya [email protected]
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