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  1. Yesterday, I've a friend who needed a tow at 7pm, and Bikebulance needed 3.5 hours to get to the bike. I tried helping and calling other tow services and found that Bike Rescue has its truck down, and a few others are not available. Spent 1 hour just getting rejections and finally he went with Bikebulance. which came at 11ish. Is there an updated list somewhere on 24 hour towing service that can town big cruiser like an Ultra Electra Glide?
  2. Used to own a Magna 750. If you ride like a CB, because the bike can go, then I feel that the bike can be dangerous. I don't understand why HOnda placed a VFR engine on a cruiser and gave it drum brakes at the rear. After riding other cruisers, Magna does feel like it has more power, but in terms of real braking, it needs longer distance, so take note.
  3. Do you guys face a problem with sometimes there is no stock for batteries for the HD? Damn battery is so big that now Shorai is not carrying it, so does it mean warranty of Shorai all voided?
  4. UP for the sales, I own one too. Great bike
  5. Nice bike, don't see much of this on the road...
  6. I'm planning to bring in 2 of my Vintage Harleys. [ATTACH=CONFIG]340799[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]340800[/ATTACH] GF say must sell my current Harley first which I just renewed COE. Placed on forum for some time only lowballers respond how?
  7. West go Alexandra lor, HD Service Center, otherwise I'd recommend Racewerks
  8. https://www.singaporebikes.com/bikemart/sg/usedbikes/harley_davidson_heritage_softail_classic-46543.html Softails are nice. This one has 3 boxes. https://www.singaporebikes.com/bikemart/sg/usedbikes/harley_davidson_softail_fat_boy-45804.html FAtboys ain't bad either
  9. [ATTACH=CONFIG]340798[/ATTACH] Planning to bring a few of my babies here to Singapore. But I need to sell off my current Harley, otherwise GF won't allow another bike Where is the best place to sell Harleys? Should I place an Ad and sell here?
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