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  1. Hi, u know where regina is ?? There is a bus stop in between regina & Gmax . . Across the road u can see ks motor . .

  2. Hi Punk, u seem to noe me very well? Who r u? My guess must be somebody fr my bike shop but then i could be wrong also. Anyway, nice noeing you, from the high number of messages dat u hv written so far u must be very exp rider rite? Do u mind to let me noe ur real name pls?

  3. Time to let out sparks 1350 hahaha
  4. Tot u support dainese,metzeller & lightech Yalor 12 total lost liao
  5. Bz lar bro smlm baru balik dr reservist Tk dpt lah Abg din..... Sejak biler sey me racer Org tua racer buang fantat adelah hehehehehehe
  6. wakakakakaak.... siak kamu tarik dulu eh
  7. tunggu k10 org tu ok... jgn tunggu KY dr org tu sua
  8. jgn caye lacer pg nie bro... mmg barongan the man betol tu bro yan ckp
  9. ello bro bingai gd kenoon bro yan
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