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  1. i saw one couple aunty uncle riding rs150r red color the color is the same color sold in msia it seems ythis model comes from Indonesia parallel import anyway, this bike in msia has no complains so worth to buy in spore
  2. wahaha.. thanks for all the info, got it fix already, was the brake lever unti spoil and also my brake disc is out of shap, but the strange thing is i never knock into anything or fall down, so also don't noe why out of shape, total damage is 110, the brake dis is second hand de.. wahaha painful man.. cheers.. but cannot save on the brake man can save out life
  3. can i detach the cable from meter to check? Paiseh..although rode for many years, still not very sure the internal parts of bike.
  4. I am an ux designer who works for an android app development and user experience company.

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