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  1. dun bo liaoz leh. so how. anyone coming out
  2. when is the next riding session?
  3. i live amk. what is ur msn?
  4. chubb. saw u turning into amk ave 10
  5. RK House, the one at serangoon gardens. what does RK stand for i dunno wor.
  6. Any R6 riders here interested in getting Velocity Stack?
  7. ok....need to finalize theproduct..i already found a dealer overseas tat can make for us..will cost bout 40+ .. b ready in one mths time... its dry fit material and embroided type... so who agree on the finalize design....or voted the 3 design...mine, hanzi, amba... nick suggestion ___________________________________________ 1.sibingai voted for hanzi n amba 2.OhMiGosh go for hanzi's design. 3.RAKz voted Sapitos's design 4.ettaque for hanzi and amba (feels that the big r6 logo catches the eye) 5.Shawn voted for Sapitos and amba's design! (r6 should be big word along with respect) 6.L
  8. haha ok lar. i reach 166 mph like that. it was fun!
  9. shall we have an r6 gathering on this friday night?
  10. take care guys for those going to track tml
  11. wah u 1,000 leh... should be ok de ma. wayang, stanley, calvin add me in msn ba. MSN: [email protected]
  12. pic ready le add me in msn ba.
  13. Hi guys there is a concern here for some time for meet ups, i would need all the bros here to state name,ride and mobile+msn for quick contacts for outings. R6 Riders: 1.Lamerfornica(Dave)/R607Black/90268206/[email protected] 2.RAKz (Andy)/R608 Blue/98225872/[email protected] 3.kamal/r607 blue/98422131/[email protected] 4.Marcus/r607/96655353/[email protected]
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