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  1. Hey bro,


    I got 168, can contact me at 98790055 for more details .

  2. May i know which statement of mine say riding with SAF helmet? enlighten me please, thank you very much
  3. All SAF helmets are approve, dont you know SIngapore working safety regulation is very strict? so they themself govt sector need to set a good example. And if you got chance to go in PSB to see how they test helmets, SAF helmets is one of them.
  4. GSR00

    Ride safe n slow.. =0... gain experience on road =)
  5. don wear like tat when u riding SP, ok? =x

  6. Actually is not hard.. when ur right foot stand on the main stand... stand up using ur body weight so that the bike is easy to lift up =) Hope u understand wat i mean.
  7. Slap ur backside then u know.. merge my Thread
  8. LOL... the problem is they dare not follow me le =p
  9. Daddy very relax.. just wan see how "bad" they r without bikes. Coming to there soon , in the late 80s, full chrome is very famous... Seriously i wont curse them this way, just wan ask them... WTF they wan Truth, and i am suprise a uncle of 50 plus also join them... no brain or wat? Cannot Fly la... think can hit 299 ba Ya kids i know, but they are causing Danger to me on the road. Lucky my GF not with me.. or els.. ya i know that.. 1 group of Malay also can diusturb me when i ride my ex CBR900cc... maybe they blind? its a 900cc not 90cc... after i overtake them, sto
  10. Don worry Bro.. i got 4 lics... so wont play on the road.
  11. haha... i guess lor... Truth in the late 80s, i also know n join them. They did race for $ and girls... Last time u just need to have a bike just easily get a girl onboard
  12. Bro, i know wat u mean... by am riding a Pulsar... come to jio me? got brain or not? somemore i ask them stop bike , no1 dare to stop... 6 bikes scare of 1 bike? guts keep at home? And i believe u r also a Malay staying at west side? =)
  13. Bro, i don understand Malay sorry... just understand wat is Behind.. i will 4give n 4get but wan see how good he is.
  14. Na, i think its just those 1 group of Malay together then they come up with a design. Am suprise inside got a uncle of 50+ ride a CBR400cc... not old enough to think? somemore pillon wife.. WTF
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