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  1. Planning to take my 2B in Jan right after my 18th bday. Few questions to ask : 1) which centre is the fastest and also how long would it take for the whole journey. 2) what are the different practicals like? 3) RTT , theory all easy? Used to ride ebike(not proud), and also go overseas ride those vespa bikes with family so quite familliar with bike controls. Planning to get R15 v3 when i pass
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    Class 2B

    Planning to take my class 2B in Jan right after my 18th Bday. Few questions to ask : 1) Which centre to take my 2B for the fastest route to getting the license and how long it would take roughly. 2) What are the practicals really like , heard about plank balance and all but wanna know most to prep. 3) The Average amount of cash to prepare for the whole journey. -- Used to ride a e-bike (not proud), haha , also always in thailand ride motor ( those vespa ) around with my family, so quite familiarised with motor controlling and all. Planning to get the R15 v3 as a first bike haha.
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