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  1. Honda CB150R Ex Motion, Yamaha MT-15 M-Slav, KTM 200 Duke ... Yamaha FZ150i
  2. Can you advise which 2B bikes are still made in Japan. Thank you
  3. I have seen a few Suzuki Burgman 200 ABS around. Are they reliable and cheap to maintain?
  4. Don't see many M-Slav/XABRE on the road as well. I am at a toss between Yamaha MT-15, Honda CB150R, and Yamaha FZN150i for my 1st 2B bike. FZN seems to be winning out though due to size, price, and reliability.
  5. Looks like a very boyish cafe racer bike. I tried it on but looked too small for me. Only parallel imported units available thus far. Heard that Boon Siew is not bringing it in yet. I am probably landing with FZN150i as likely choice for my 1st 2B bike. Any long term riding feedback on that bike?
  6. I am also considering MT-15 with CB150R. Some points I have taken note of in speaking to a bike shop in Changi and readings online ... 1. Manufacture = MT-15 (Indonesia) vs CB150R (Thailand) 2. Brakes = MT-15 (non-ABS) vs CB150R (ABS) 3. Frame = MT-15 (yamaha's famous delta box that provides body rigidity and thus handling) vs CB150R (all-new Inner Pivot Type Diamond Frame to bring CG closer to rider for better control) 4. Looks = MT-15 (futuristic looking) vs CB150R (solid boyish looking especially with the retro style round headlights) Would be good to see this thread develop furt
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