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  1. As titled. Been on the bike for 7 months now and will only take it off when a deposit of $50 is transferred. Total price of the slip-on would be $500. Comes with full legit cert but please note you have to pay for certs (Titi Pte Ltd, official Akra distri) and go for inspection again after mounting on your bike. Total cost for paperwork is about $110. Thats $610 total for an Akrapovic slip on. If you think that's a reasonable price please contact me at 9424777NINE. Genuine buyers and interests will be gladly entertained. Low ballers will not. Have good day and ride safe everyone!
  2. Just bought an Arai SZ Ram 4 and I'm wondering where to go to find compatible accessories. Any websites or local shops will do. Also, I've been trying to find online and there does not seem to have any accessories for SZ Ram 4. Is it called by another model name overseas?
  3. Selling a used Kappa 42N Top Box with baseplate. Item is in good working condition and comes with 2 original keys. The box works good but the outlook is not for fussy buyers. Selling cheap at $30 self collect only. Optional FZ16 rack to sell as together @$30. $50 total if buying box and rack together. Contact me at 94247779 to deal.
  4. Yeah it's not hot but hotter than smaller bikes la definitely. The fan will kick it quite often on congested roads and if you wear shorts it can get a bit annoying.
  5. Joined! Hope to share and care there.
  6. Anyone done or planning to buy any accessories for your new MT-03? Can share ?
  7. Not too sure a bout your bike's trade in price though. Maybe 1.5k-2k or lower since COE dying? Then maybe top up another 1k cash so altogether 3k downpayment. From there on you can look to a bout $250-$300 per month for 48 months. That's just my rough estimation and will vary upon which shops you go to. If you don't want to kena chopped badly then go to bigger shops who take direct from agent. Something like HLC or Speedzone. Go to shops where there's a lot of MT-03 being sold or have sold before.
  8. Very interesting. I'll call them to clarify.
  9. Oh how come? I'm thinking about going there this week after work. Free so might as well.
  10. Haha yeah. Didn't get it before with my other Yamaha bikes.
  11. Yah loh. If got option to buy inverted fork or pipe, Ill choose fork. Anyway just got my 'Welcome' letter from Hong Leong. Got 2 free service and warranty proof. Not bad.
  12. Promo still on as long as they can still get the pipe. It's not much of a promo, just an option to add on as long as there are stocks for it. If not like me la, just wait for them to get the pipe and then they will call me.
  13. Got a lot of options surely. Pro Taper all available. Probably drop by Unique or Speedzone to check it out next week. Anyway you guys can check out Speedzone for a more proper care for your MT-03. They seem to know the bike quite well because their stunt riders uses that bike a lot. I'm thinking about going to Speedzone for the maintenance of my MT-03.
  14. If you guys add on any aftermarket parts do share it here. Pictures and price! Thinking about getting a new handlebar with a higher angle cause the current riding posture is a bit too sporty. Any thoughts?
  15. So bro do let us know which shop you end up buying your rack and box.
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