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  1. bro wat bike u riding?

  2. Hi interest in ur fjr but what the terms and how the coi goes?

    Bike you get it from Wich shop?

  3. hi bro!!!eyan82 here..im seeing u on monday to collect the item..THANKS N SEE YA!!!

  4. hi guys , i am very interested , in this trip , when is the closing date , and might one to bring a fren along with me . dont know you guys , but will like to , seeing all the fun , let me noe pls
  5. is that a trick question , or just trying to get her attention
  6. hi guys we will meet are 9 pm like that , and spoke to richard he may join us today . as for me i will be there . those who know the place give directions.
  7. well jay , take care , and have safe flight .
  8. thats all , and have gd days off
  9. oh yes my bike on a dyno run pic hahaha
  10. one last one for melaka before hatyai and thanks to yum yum aslo for his contribution
  11. hi guys just to add some pics of our melaka trip and cuddle baboo (kamal) virgin touring experince shots.
  12. i rather not work , and still be paid how i wish kulai bros tonite 11pm spc tuas
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