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  1. hey bro.. Happy New Year... previously tot of buying just the horn end up buy the H4 nightbreaker also from u... anyway good info sharing and your request of taking pic of the light... the pics cannot tell but from the eyes there are diff as Osram nightbreaker are lil yellow which doesnt create too much shadow compare to white lights (hope u understand what i mean) but this is my preference.. different peepz different opinion thou..
  2. Coming friday.... coz next week onwards my evening class start...
  3. Buanged... since when malay word with past tense.. .. anyway ur word cheer up my morning.. Do take care n wish u fast recovery... And this morning PIE towards Changi.. just before BKE exit... f im not wrong sheng siong delivery truck off the road the (off from expressway to be exact) ditch into the bushes.. this time the accident is not on the road neitherthe shoulder... just passing by n a short glance.. donno hows the driver condition or is there a far more serious...
  4. Safety 1st... i tot u lose weight still tight.. ... hahah.. understand by wat u mean tight.. jokin only .. Next week... most prob on Tues afternoon 3+ or 4+ like tat... just wana ask 1st... perhaps by explainning to him can somehow agak2 is it timing chain or worst den tat.. the repair.. most probably to send my bike ard oct.. collecting my fund 1st.. Normal bulb.. ah boy sellin at 4 to 10 buxs.. .. but if urs is with ballast.. maybe 20++.. or maybe a lil more.. i guess .. Focuss.. NO MORE 'HANDJOB'.. Btw whereis jazz..
  5. Another moaning peeepzz.... Got tat rosli contact? Or when y gonna visit him..? Perhaps can join.. Seems my bike engine braking like "wobbling" when rpm is 2.5 below or constant at 2 when riding at carpark... chain tension tighten no significant change.. dono whether its timing chain or worzt den tat..
  6. Moaning peeepz... Just wana do price check... Top overhaul, change timing chain n guide roughly how much?
  7. Moaning peeepz... Just wana do price check... Top overhaul, change timing chain n guide roughly how much?
  8. geylang there also can.. ... or if u want free, can ask dahui for the method...
  9. end up at 2nd link only.. ... phuket trip.... next friday sit2 talk2.. sing song...
  10. cck... i might be meeting alex @ tangmugolong at shell cck here ard 8.15 like tat.. i'll give u a buzz later...
  11. don worry...can follow me if u want to... as for the 'touch n go'... can buy from the counter there... very fast transaction.. if i can remember can purchase it at RM20... card value is RM10... but just bring xtra cash just in case..
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