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  1. anyone scrapping their bike or trading to shop? Need some parts. Will pay for swap and labour. Looking for stock exhaust too. 92395196
  2. hi bro.. may i know how u mode ur brake light..can pass inspection?

  3. Albert motors. If ur on stock front and rear shocks.Use 670ml each fork 5wt ffork oil.then adjust the suspension settings according to manual.

  4. H bro. Im rossham. Where do u service yr fjr front forks? U can watsapp me at 93868130

  5. Thanks to u tony! Ive my dream speedo come true. Bro u can pm me the link for the led replacement for my fjr? Upz!
  6. Ups for ur theead bro! I LOVEEEEE my new speedo! Job professiomaly done like OEM ones! Proud to be the first silverwing to upgrade the meter lightings!
  7. Upzz for the evening! Seen his speedometer and was indeed an awesome modification/upgrade! MUST do for tourers! no regrets guaranteed!
  8. bang how to edit my hp number in my thread ive started....??





  9. ups for ur sale bro. indeed a good upgrade for 600 cc bikes!!! worth the cash! upz!!
  10. hey.. how ur doin bro... hows ur studies coming along..?

  11. bro, i heard that u know where to buy the small volt meter. may i know where to get it?

  12. Bro.. who r u oredi ar? Cant remember le.. haha..

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