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  1. anyone scrapping their bike or trading to shop? Need some parts. Will pay for swap and labour. Looking for stock exhaust too. 92395196
  2. Albert motors. If ur on stock front and rear shocks.Use 670ml each fork 5wt ffork oil.then adjust the suspension settings according to manual.

  3. Thanks to u tony! Ive my dream speedo come true. Bro u can pm me the link for the led replacement for my fjr? Upz!
  4. Ups for ur theead bro! I LOVEEEEE my new speedo! Job professiomaly done like OEM ones! Proud to be the first silverwing to upgrade the meter lightings!
  5. Upzz for the evening! Seen his speedometer and was indeed an awesome modification/upgrade! MUST do for tourers! no regrets guaranteed!
  6. bang how to edit my hp number in my thread ive started....??





  7. ups for ur sale bro. indeed a good upgrade for 600 cc bikes!!! worth the cash! upz!!
  8. can ask motoworld for the sleeve of your yoshi. meter find at the scrapyard asap.... check for the rpm cable first if ok, juz change the casing and cable.
  9. hahaha yah larr... but seriously when i rode my dads st11 to fetch my gf, the next day start ma bike at mscp, omg freaking irritating. intend to sell larr... $1.1k.... includes pc3r........wait long long.... LOL..... must wear ear plug like rin oredy. haiyah..dats y i wna spend all my money on my bike before marriage, or else finance department make noise... hahaha
  10. http://img106.imageshack.us/img106/3749/dsc3593xe0.jpg wahh patek dengar dengar ada orang timing 2min53secs?? handal lar lu!!!! nama kau da auto enrty for the upcoming mss race arr... hahahhaa http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v466/totttis/55-1.jpg Nie apa cita niee??? mau tunggu orang nak sparr eh?? gambar kat sepang youtube ada?
  11. common guys, get over it. he is remorseful enough and im sure he'll talk to the particular mechanic about this issue. ah bee is always on 2nd floor, if not he can be contacted via his hp. people do make mistakes forgive and forget. if somehow not contented, be a man and talk to him, he'll be more then glad to attend to your needs. its just my personal opinion guys, im not a frequent HKL patron coz i believe in doing general maintenance myself and purchase the best deal at any motorshops. so guys give him a break and chill bros and sis.
  12. upss for mezzo!! honest and professional advice given by andrew on suspension. why it leaks, how seals and worn shafts are important. just sharing wif s4 owners ive sent my friends shocks to a suspension specialist before and it leaks after 4 mths of usage. the reason why?? he inspected the shocks and told me my shafts are already worn off and it shouldnt be service at the first place. to add up by using the CUSTOM MADE seals which are not even TEFLON coated, juz normal rubber and its not double lips, it shouldnt be use to replace the oem worn seals. it worsen the condition of the shaf
  13. speedy recovery bro. lucky still got ur vtec to transport u to work.
  14. hahaha ehhh muz report to bang boi oredy. people got so many events and nite riding in the team and here you are asking people for outings.
  15. Nopzz his more chio... i loikeee!!! Damn good deal larr!!! happy lar you...but as time passes by, im kinda irrirated with the loudness of my pipe....hahha seriously. not like my yoshi on my s4 or leo vince on my 954.
  16. http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj201/Vtr_firestorm/P1000470.jpg Wow...wad a loving couple...i loikee...hahaha next time go eat seapood chio me arr.. seafood i loikee....
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