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  1. Hi any pics of your bike?
  2. bro..heard u selling your rxz right? dont mind if its gonna be scrap...can sell your y1 block? its original right? thx.

  3. Bro spoke rim still availabe?

  4. Hi kenny do you still have ur FL96 plate number?

  5. Hi Bro,

    Did you sms the other day? I tried to call you but no ans. Can i view ur bike? Can the price 1.5K nego abit?

  6. Bro,

    Sincere buyer here. Can i view the bike first before comfirmation? By the way what is the plate number FH?????

  7. yes bro. I got 2 spare one. Bear had a fren in some University. He photocopied one for us. i got the so call 'original' and I haev been zapping for people. Will cost ya $10. I dun take profit bro, I quote u the price the aunty quoted me when I send for zapping.

  8. Haha! McTan, thanks for the planning... I need to get the necessary stuff first before planning to do it. By the way, compare AM & AC which shop can get good price for our Original plugs, air filter, oil filter and fuel filter? Any specific tools that i need? Such as the EO nut size and oil filter opener? Thanks in advance bro!
  9. Hi Gurumacha... How are you bro? Long time never hear frm you. No idea bro...maybe we can have local meet up one day mah..
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