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  1. Hi, i just bought mine yesterday. Blue Color, price 9.5k otr (coe 2.9k). P plate rider... oh ****... i rode more than 100km/h last night... as friend they all speed up need to catch up... okie, will take note ride below 80km/h for 1st 1000km... newbie here, what is idling speed? ya, i also looking front box. any suggestion? i also feel the brake quite soft, feel like the brake is not working.
  2. interested, just got my license only. but still not dare to ride to jb yet.
  3. You will pick CBR150R 2005 (COE Aug 20 cant renew) or R15 2011 (COE Aug 21 renewable)? Price diff 1.5k Initially i wanted to buy CBR because it small n light weight for me but the bike cant start so bike shop said will change the part n make it sui sui so i can ride out. But another mech guy recommend me buy R15 sure this bike dont have major issue just change oil then can i can ride out. I did tried R15 is bit tall for me so they can lower it for me. Little bit heavy compare w CBR150R. I newbie just got my licence...
  4. saw this post, want to ask all big sis & bro here. i just got my 2b license, & during bbdc I ride msx. so now i looking for 2b bike (2nd hand bike), any suggestion? i do have the intention to take 2a. btw, so Jay whether you take up for your class 2a?
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