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  1. Thanks for the info. Right now my current situation is that i actually have saved up around 4 to 5 thousand ? prolly can get a bike that has coe till 2022. Many say its not worth to buy now because the bike will be way under utilized when i go for ns. What would u do if you were me.
  2. Mind sharing what do i need to bear in mind the cost of owning one ? I have been working alot part time and saved up a fair bit of money in the hopes of getting a bike 2nd hand ofcourse
  3. Hi everyone im new to the site and would just like to ask some thoughts that i have. Im currently waiting for my 2b tp test which is on jan 10 2018. Assuming that i pass, will it be advisable to buy a secondhand bike even tho im going to ns say around jun- oct ?
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