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  1. Cannot be..I got stopped at road block many times..TP look at my bike many times also..Look at my bike look at me I look at him then he sped off.. Good knowledge..But when learnin from someone always be prepared to get scoldin/insults/sarcasms..Also must swallow your pride..Don't act yaya papaya..Otherwise the person won't teach you.. P.S. Want good FC ride a wave.. I am usin halogen light..No problem can even pass inspection..The ones that are not permitted are white light with blue/purple tint..Do read up the Legality and Regulations section..Its there to enlighten those of you st
  2. Its either performance or good fuel consumption..Choose one.. Do check up on viscosity indexes..Read up more and you will find your answer.. Or maybe you could ask your SP engineerin mates for help..
  3. True..Could also due to ignorance/assumption that bikeshop will do everythin for you.. Ask and you shall receive.. :bow: They might have bought the bike w/out fairings from previous owner..But usually they have spare usable fairings in store/stock..Word to take note is "usable"..
  4. Your friend didn't tell the mech exactly what he wants for his bike..Hence a full servicin will do nothin..Just keepin the parts in good shape..He might not feel any better as his bike might already be in good shape hence he doesn't feel a difference..Do remember the term full service is just servicin of your block/piston etc and replacin of worn out parts..There's nothin in there that says it will improve your bike's performance by any amount..That performance thingy is separate..
  5. There's a shop along the row of Ubi bikeshop that specializes in radiators..You might wanna give them a visit sometime.. Can install a a mechanism to vibrate at the pillion seat..She will be more than comfortable..
  6. Add me sub and I go for you.. Really all weather? Mitsui will eat you alive.. Bro..BMW la.. I think must edit the header and add EX-KR riders..
  7. Carb? I wish I know how to even take out one of the many screws on my bike..
  8. On leap year some more..What are the odds.. Not Sergeant Hassan?
  9. He should have just stamped out the number to match the frame..
  10. So happenin..I've yet to go to any of those places..
  11. The one you always go (play) after you end skool..
  12. So many $$..Lend me can? I also want to buy bigger bike..But no $$..
  13. All go skool..How to online..Unless they at some smart class..
  14. People ridin Arrer 6 where want to call out to you.. Bro..Thats life..You of all people should know..Live and let live.. Don't worry I won't zhut pattern for girls..Coz my pattern all lousy..
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