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  1. Hey bro, can Rev Tec Evo Stainless Steel Oval with twin outlet for CB400 be installed on Revo?

  2. Hey man, can blueflame carbon fibre dual port be fitted onto cb400 revo?

  3. sry bro not available

  4. sry bro not available

  5. Do you have the price for CBR 400 revo blueflame?

  6. use 10w50 with bike mos2

    10w50 $24

    Bike Mos2 $16

  7. got sale mos2 oil additive?how much ?

  8. my bike is suzuki katana fh125m ,which liqui moly engine use is better n how much?got sale iridium spark plug for this bike?engine oil with mos2 more better.bcs my car got use feel engine very good respond.thanks

  9. Hi E.E....


    Do u sell the original n the normal battery for S4 vtec3?


    How much?

  10. Pre-order will get a $50 off & tat require deposit at our workshop. Price list below stated the model clearly on the titanium, with or without color.

  11. Thanks for the prompt reply. By the way, just to clarify I heard i have to place a deposit before your company bring in the pipe(stock)? and also, i ve heard about 2 types of titanium pipe you are selling, can you clarify the models thanks

  12. Good day,

    Stainless steel $780

    Satin $850

    Carbon $880

    Titanium $880

    Col-titanium $980

    Freebie when you purchase the cans. Price inclusive of installation & street legal documents. Cheers

  13. Hi, for my CB400 Spec 3, would love to get a price quote for the 'BlueFlame' Oval Evo w/ Twin outlets exhaust pipes inclusive of installation fees thanks!

  14. 9 different Oil package available, sry we don deal tyre. Cheers

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